Teaching Episode 2: “Magic Feet” 3/24/16

Lesson Plan:

“Magic Feet”

Today I will be teaching a lesson about following beats with your “Magic Feet” as a follow up to “The Dinosaur Stomp”. “The Dinosaur Stomp” song helped teach the kids about sound and silence and introduced subdivisions with the body movement. “Magic Feet” actually puts written notes to the body movement. I will be using a diagram that shows a whole note, 2 half notes, 4 quarter nots, and 8 eighth notes. The note values will correspond to “Daddy feet”, “Mommy feet”, “Big brother feet”, and “Little Twins feet”. I will clap a 4/4 quarter note pattern while the kids imitate the “Family” of steps and sing the syllables. This activity will engage the kids with rhythmic values and introduce them to written notation and subdivisions.

  • Explain the “Family” of steps and show the students the written values (1 minute)
  • Demonstrate the not values while clapping, moving and singing (1 minute)
  • Give the students a “family member” to imitate and help them along the way (will vary, but hopefully close to 3 minutes)
  • Continue with this process until the students get more comfortable and then make the rhythmic switches faster (varies)
  • Stop telling the students which “family member” to imitate and just allow them to do the steps (varies)

Activity obtained from http://www.letsplaykidsmusic.com/music-note-values/


Teaching for the second time was similar to teaching the first time but a little bit easier because I was more comfortable. My use of the poster to show written notation was a good choice because visual aids help students learn things quickly. It was easy for the class to catch on because they were my peers. Everything seemed to go well but the college-aged students were less enthusiastic about their “Magic Feet”. If I were to do this again, I would spend more time explaining the actual rhythmic values to each note. I rushed through it because I knew my “class” would understand and there were time constraints. I think my explanation of the relationships between “family members” and note values was very clear, but the explanation of the actual musical values was lacking. I would also try to find some good music to play in the background because it would be much more fun and engaging than the clapping.

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